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Orkney is a group of about 60 islands off the north coast of Scotland. It has a rich and varied history, which goes back thousands of years. Standing stones and ancient tombs are in abundance. The Dwarfie Stane is the best example on our island.

Orkney is full of folklore, legend and myth, some of which date back centuries. Perhaps one of the most fascinating is that of 'Selkies' or mermaids as they are more commonly known around the shores of the islands.

The clear waters of Orkney are some of the cleanest to be found anywhere, and the air is said to be almost the purist in Europe - certainly, visitors to the islands find it heady. This friendly yet sometimes rugged environment gives rise to a rich and varied wildlife. Whales, dolphins and seals are a common feature surrounding the islands, while inland boasts some rare species of birds.

Orkney also enjoys close relations with Norway, having a long association from Viking raids, to Norway actually owning the entire archipelago - some say that it could still end up in the hands of the Norwegians.

Orkney is easily accessible by air or sea, with regular connections from Scotland.